OSCP done :)

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Finally, OSCP certified !!

I have gone through various ups and downs in my life during this tenure. It all started with losing my Grand-mom during the first month of my lab tenure, followed by my father had undergone a heart surgery because of heart attack and even on the exam date, I lost Grand-mom of my girlfriend. But still, I continued to focus on my exam as much as I can because I only believed whatever happened those are irreversible and I cannot reverse back anything to normal situation. And yes after so many negativity I prepared myself for the worst of worst and I achieved what I dreamt of. I will request everyone not to follow my path as it may or may not work out for you and I think on top of all these situations I was too harsh on my closed ones to achieve my dream.

Thank you all for your well wishes

View my verified achievement from Offensive Security.

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