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Recommended Hosting Provider - Siteground is the Best !!

Hi Guys,

Real-Life Experience –

In the last few months, I have gone through various blogs about the best hosting platform to use for blogging and also for high performance. I even did few polls on every social platform and in 90% of those polls, Siteground was the winner. Although the following factors were truly recommending me Siteground still, I thought of researching more ——

  1. Google suggested – Siteground

  2. My Research suggested – Siteground

  3. Social platform polls suggested – Siteground

  4. My Mind – Take some more time

Basically, during that time I didn’t have money for buying the least Siteground package so I looked on other platforms where they offer a trial period. Accordingly, I started working on various other platforms to have practical knowledge, and later I figured out that in Siteground also they offer 30 days money-back guarantee where if you cancel your subscription anytime within 30 days then they will refund your money back without any question.

Eventually, I purchased a starter pack for one of my clients and structured the blogging site accordingly.

In the next 1-2-3 weeks, I was not getting much traffic. At that time I thought maybe I am a mess !! I researched how to bring traffic and SEO optimization. Everywhere it has been mentioned that it is paid blah blah but when I searched the tool in my hosting platform i.e, in Siteground then I got that for free because all of them come inbuilt in your package. I was really amazed to see that so many tools they are providing categorically as an inbuilt thing with your package.

I wish that I can show you how much traffic I was able to grab by doing that but I don’t have my client approval to show the graph.

I recommend to everyone who all are working on various blogging and knowledge sharing platforms or any platforms where you need a hosting plan please try Siteground because as per my experience it’s the best ❤

In order to know how you can set up your own hosting plan please visit here.

Thank You !!



12th May 2020

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