Appointment – Starting Point – Hack The Box // Walkthrough & Solution

This box allows us to try conducting a SQL injection against a web application with a SQL database.

SQL Injection is a typical method of hacking web sites that collect and store user input data using SQL Statements.

SQL injection attacks are a sort of cyber assault in which vulnerabilities in online applications that employ SQL (Structured Query Language) databases are exploited. An SQL injection attack occurs when an attacker uses malicious input to influence the SQL query that the programme is executing, enabling the attacker to access or change sensitive data contained in the database.

SQL injection attacks often involve introducing SQL code into user input areas like search boxes or login forms to fool the programme into performing undesired database instructions.

An attacker, for example, may inject malicious code into a search box that obtains all user data from a database rather than only the data linked to the search query.

SQL injection attacks that are successful may cause a variety of security vulnerabilities, such as unauthorized access to sensitive data, data modification or deletion, or the ability to execute arbitrary instructions on the application’s underlying server. Web developers should use best practises such as input validation and parameterized queries to avoid SQL injection attacks, and maintain their software up to current with the latest security updates.


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